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Keegan Blake is an oil and gas professional with over 10 years of experience, leading the industry forward with his exemplary innovation and beliefs. He is the founder and owner of Adelant Energy LLC., and has a profound dedication to and a hope of improving the quality of life of his fellow industry operators. He has overseen pipeline operations and led multiple midstream companies to success in the DJ and Uintah Basins. While working fulltime, he developed and patented a technology known as the Pipeline Silencer, a device that combats Noise Induced Hearing Loss, and defends operators against premature deafness. He believes in and has pledged a commitment to bettering the environment that surrounds oil and gas operations. While not at work, he is a dedicated husband and father who strives to be an example amongst his friends and in his local community.

About us

Adelant Energy LLC is a company that strives to lead in innovation within the oil and gas industry. We pride ourselves on our patented leading product, the Pipeline Silencer. We have received multiple endorsements, including a letter of recommendation from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner.
We are a Wyoming based company operating in Wyoming and Colorado. Our staff has extensive knowledge in production and midstream operations. This knowledge helps us know how to best implement our innovative technologies into the everyday operations of oil and gas development.

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1. The Pipeline Silencer reduces decibel levels by up to 25-45 decibels.

2. The Pipeline Silencer is an engineering control that addresses the hazard of noise. This is compliant with OSHA Noise Regulation 29 CFR 1910.95 and adheres to OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls for Noise.

3. The Pipeline Silencer can reduce noise levels to attain compliance with COGCC’s rule 802. Noise Abatement.

4. The rotational design on the Pipeline Silencer redirects hazardous gas and liquids away from the operator.

5. The pressure verification needle valve is a safety measure to ensure vessel depressurization. It is recommended to install this valve on each silencer unit.


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Tom Fitzsimmons


To whom it may concern,


                I had the opportunity to meet with Keegan Blake of Adelant Energy Inc. about his new product, known as the Pipeline Silencer. Mr. Blake approached me with this technology to address a problem in the energy industry known as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). The Silencer protects an employee, or other individuals in the surrounding area, from exposure to dangerously high noise levels emitted from the rapid expansion of gas from venting during routine maintenance operations. These dangerously high noise levels have been proven to lead to NIHL.   Although the safety of the operator is the most important aspect of this product; it also benefits those of the general population as well as other animal species in the surrounding environment.

                Pipelines that are operating outside of the noise parameters set by the local governing authorities have a problem that needs solved. The Pipeline Silencer offers a solution that will keep companies compliant to local ordinances and keep the general population from the risk of hazardous noise exposure and quite frankly, nuisance sound pollution. I believe that the use of this product will allow for a better relationship between the general public and the energy companies who operate in areas where the risk of noise exposure to the public is high.

                The last point to touch on is the effect these high noise levels have on the environment. Pipelines can be located in areas where animal populations are sensitive to excessive noise. By systematically reducing the level of noise during operations, it only makes sense that the local fauna are protected.

                It is by my opinion that Mr. Blake has invented a product that is beneficial in many aspects. Most importantly, he has created a safer way for an operator to work. He has also proposed a mitigation to the increasing number of noise complaints filed by the public and has introduced a product that greatly promotes the wellbeing of wildlife.

 The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, has a duty to “regulate oil and gas activities in a manner that ensures responsible development and management of Wyoming’s oil and gas resources and provides appropriate environmental stewardship for Wyoming citizens.” In this regard, I find the Pipeline Silencer to be a product that aims to achieve this mission. I would strongly recommend any company to which the Pipeline Silencer is presented, to consider this or any other product to achieve these goals.


Sincerely Yours,


Tom Fitzsimmons, PE

WOGCC Commissioner